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Gotv Channel List and Subscription Cost in Kenya

Despite new players coming into or intending to come the market, Gotv has managed to remain on top, I would think of it as the Safaricom of digital TV content in Kenya. From my perspective, what made them able to stick around and sit on top of everyone's head was the fact that they invested their money into marketing at the perfect time, the time when everyone was almost going crazy about the analogue switch-off.

I bought my Gotv Decoder when they were around Kshs. 3,400 and became addicted to the few channels they offered until i could not watch anything else. My daughter also became so used to the cartoon channels (Jimjam, Nickelodeon and Disney Junior ) to a point where you couldn't watch anything else.

The Gotv decoder price Kenya currently ranges between 1,000 to 1,800 depending on where you are purchasing it from. I have never understood why the decoder price is different in almost every shop or supermarket you go to. I have a friend who bought one at 1,200 with two months free subscriptions and he made me think "what a great idea!" you can actually buy a decoder every other month and never have to pay for the subscription which is around 1,700 for two months. Instead you can spend the 1,200 for two months and then sell the box to someone at 500 bob and you would have only spent 700 bob. -

I have a digital TV but I still prefer Gotv channels, you get value for your money. The Gotv plus package is my favorite, it offers a mix of everything cool from Education channels, wildlife, Geographical, sports, Movies and many more, in fact you can also watch a few of Bamba TV channels that they keep singing to us about.

There is one thing i wish they would completely do away with, the fake Nigerian Movies, anyway, enough of the stories, Here is a list of the Gotv channels that are currently showing in 254. If you are having an issue with your decoder i can offer a few tips just drop in the comments.

GOTV Plus Channels 

  1. AfricaMagic Epic
  2. AfricaMagic Family
  3. AfricaMagic World
  4. BET
  5. Channel ED
  6. E! Entertainment Television
  7. e.TV Africa
  8. GO Channel
  9. Kiss TV
  10. Maisha Magic Swahili
  11. M-Net Movies Zone
  12. SONY
  13. SONY MAX
  14. Telemundo
  15. Vox Africa
  16. Zee World
  17. KBCTV
  18. SuperSport Blitz
  19. SuperSport Select 1
  20. SuperSport Select 2
  21. Disney Junior
  22. JimJam
  23. Nickelodeon
  24. Discovery World
  25. Nat Geo Wild
  26. Al Jazeera
  27. CNN International
  28. K24
  29. FAITH
  30. Islam Channel
  31. Channel O Africa
  32. MTV Base
  33. One Gospel
Plus all other free to air channels

GOTV Channels 

  1. AfricaMagic Epic
  2. AfricaMagic World
  3. BET
  4. Channel ED
  5. E! Entertainment Television
  6. e.TV Africa
  7. GO Channel
  8. Kiss TV
  9. Maisha Magic Swahili
  10. SONY MAX
  11. KBCTV
  12. SuperSport Select 1
  13. Disney Junior
  14. JimJam
  15. Nickelodeon
  16. Discovery World
  17. Al Jazeera
  18. K24
  19. FAITH
  20. Islam Channel
  21. Channel O Africa
  22. One Gospel
Plus all other free to air channels

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