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Using a Ugandan Registered Car in Kenya

UPDATE: please check the bottom of this post

Since the introduction of the East Africa community things have gotten a little simpler. Any citizen from the countries within the East African community can drive into the other country and be given a temporary permit to stay for as long as they wish.

If you are coming from Uganda into Kenya and wish to come with your own vehicle it is pretty simple, all you have to do is show a copy of the vehicle's ownership and your Identity card and you will be given the permit for the number of days you wish to drive around.

Some drivers have reported that they have been held at the border due to various reasons, For example the officers at the border might require you to provide the documents proving the vehicle is yours or you are the person authorized to drive the vehicle. They will also need your insurance clearance which is valid for the period of time your will be staying in the country.

Importing a car from Uganda to Kenya is a different issue all together, you will need to pay the import tax and all other taxes associated with any motor vehicle importing.

Here is the Kenya Revenue Authority's statement on Using Vehicle from Other Countries.


It is notified for general information and necessary action that it is illegal to drive unregistered motor vehicles on Kenyan roads by Kenyan citizens and unauthorized persons.

The only foreign registered motor vehicles authorized to be driven on Kenyan roads are the following: -

1)  Transit vehicles cleared by the Customs and being driven on gazetted transit routes on their way to foreign destination. This category of vehicles must be driven to destination within 15 days from the date of transit entry unless the transit period is validly extended.
2)  Motor vehicles which are foreign registered and are licensed to convey transit goods through Kenya. These vehicles must have a valid transit goods license for the calendar year. They must be boldly marked "TRANSIT GOODS" on each side of the body of the vehicle.
3)  Motor vehicles which are imported on temporary basis for the use and convenience of the importer either from our neighboring states in which case they must have a valid form C44A and a Foreign Motor Vehicle Permit both specifying the period of stay in Kenya. Foreign registered motor vehicles imported on temporary basis from other countries for the convenience of the importer must be covered by a Carnet de Passage en Douane issued by a recognized Automobile Association, or Form C.44 and duties secured by a cash deposit or bond security. This category of motor vehicles must be re-exported within 12 months of the date of importation or before expiry of the period specified in the Carnet de Passage en Douane or on Form C44.
Foreign registered motor vehicles outside the above categories should not be driven on our roads. Similarly transit vehicles should be driven only on gazetted routes. It is illegal to drive un-registered vehicles on our roads as the same shall be deemed to be uncustomed.
The public is warned that it is also illegal to affix un-official number plates reading EX-GK, EX-MILITARY OR EX-WHATEVER and vehicles found with such illegal registrations will be seized and removed from our roads. Anybody wishing to take advantage of the tax amnesty is welcome to do so before 31st December 2004 to regularize illegal registrations.

Kenya Revenue Authority and other law enforcement officers will roundup all un-registered vehicles and ensure that they are completely removed from our roads.

F. M. Thuranira 
Commissioner of Customs and Excise

UPDATE: For those who wish to buy a car in from Uganda, there is a workaround to this, Inbox us at  https://www.facebook.com/patandai   and we will get back to you ASAP.

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