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How to Register a New Safaricom Sim Card

Due to the recent rules by the communications commission of Kenya (CCK), Safaricom line self registration is now not possible. All new subscribers wishing to join the network have to physically visit an authorized shop with their identity cards to register their lines.

Safaricom Lines can be purchased anywhere in major cities, including from street vendors. As we covered in one of our last posts about Sim cards, you can get one for about Kshs. 100 or 150, depending on the location and sim card number.

There are two options, One is through the Mpesa where you will get the mobile money services and also have your sim card registered, or if you don't need Mpesa you can just register your physical and postal address, Identification number and a few other requirements.

Here are steps to take to register your Safaricom Line.

1. Fill the Sim Card registration form. You will find in the Sim Pack that you bought or you can download it Here >>

2. Take it together with your sim card and ID card to the nearest authorized Mpesa shop or any Safaricom outlet and the agents will register your line. You can tell them if you need the Mpesa services or not

3. To confirm if you are fully registered, Dial *232#.

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