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How to Change the Follow Tag on Blogger

If you have been blogging for a while, you have a good idea what spammers can do. The worst that spammers can do to your blog is getting it blacklisted on search engines, but it takes quite an effort to reach that far. The spammers normally target blogs that are easy to leave a comment with a link pointing back to their sites in order to get traffic and link juice, they mostly abuse the sites which have auto approve feature on since the type of comments and links would not be approve even by the worst webmaster this planet has got.

Another method the spammers sometime use is guest blogging, when they are building link wheels or private blog networks they target good blogs in which owners have no idea about search engine ranking factors.

If you have been approached by someone to offer your blog for guest post, you need to check the blog you are linking to first, you can do so by using a few online tools like the opensiteexplorer and analyze the spam score of the url. If you have linked to a few sources that you suspect might be spammy, the steps at the end of this post will help you unlink or turn off the follow tag.

Some spammer are smarter and they play safe, which is harder to detect unless you follow them carefully. They would leave genuine comments, or they would link to a genuine and clean site that they use for link wheels and that might be harder to know.

And even though it is quite a challenge to keep them off completely, you can do a lot just by putting a few 'restrictions' that will discourage them from targeting your blog. One such thing is to make sure your links are no follow and you can do that inside the post.

Here is how;

Step 1
Visit your business’ Blogger home page and sign in.

Step 2
Move to the blog that has a post you wish to update and click the "Posts" button.

Step 3
Click the "Edit" button beneath a blog post that has one or more links in it to view the post in the editor. Click one of the links and then click "Change" to open the Edit Link dialog window.

Step 4
Find the "Add 'rel=nofollow' Attribute" check box. Place a check mark in the check box if you wish to prevent search engines from following the ink. Otherwise, remove the check mark if it exists to allow search engines to follow the link.

Step 5
Click "OK" to return to the editor. Update additional links in the post if you like using these steps. Click the "Update" button at the top of the page to apply the changes to the post.

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