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How to activate call forwarding on your Airtel Phone

Many people would think of going first to their phone call settings to do this, but here is quick way (shortcut) of doing it without the hustle of finding it on the menu; The following only applies to Airtel India, Nigeria & Kenya

Airtel India

 Call forwarding- No reply : calls to your telephone will be forwarded to another phone or mobile number, after ringing for 25 seconds.

 Call forwarding- Unconditional: all your incoming calls automatically and immediately to another telephone or mobile number.

 Call forwarding- Busy: incoming calls are diverted to another telephone or mobile number when your line is busy. This service is free of monthly charges. Normal usage charges at Rs. 1.2/pulse apply on forwarded calls
Call forwarding - Unconditional
Activation 114+Telephone number
Deactivation 115
Call forwarding - No Reply
Activation 1222 + Other TelephoneNo.#
Deactivation 1223#
For MP & Chhatisgarh Subscribers
Activation 126 + Telephone number
Deactivation 127
Call forwarding – Busy
Activation 1220+Telephone number#
Deactivation 1221#

For MP & CG Subscribers
Activation 120+Telephone number
Deactivation 1221

Airtel Nigeria

This service is a feature that allows you to forward your incoming calls to another phone. You activate and deactivate the feature using your telephone.
  • Type **002*[Forward Number]#
  • Press SEND

  • Type ##002#
  • Press SEND

Airtel Kenya

Type **002*(number you are forwarding to) # and press the call button.
thats it!,
To check if the forwarding has been successful, type *#002# and then send button

Type ##002# and the send button.


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