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Why Client-side encryption is still the best option for your personal files

Storing files in the cloud seems to be the most convenient way of storing, sharing and securely accessing data these days. However when it comes to working with sensitive files, it poses a challenge as security is not that guaranteed. Just a few months ago dropbox experienced a security breach which made some people to have a second thought on whether to trust online storage or not.

Although there are still complex security problems yet to be solved concerning cloud security, I would still advise you to consider using the client side encryption for personal sensitive data.

Most online storage providers have some form of security like encryption and password protection, but with these recent incidents, it send a clear message to everyone that it is important to have some form of personal security or client side security before security experts come up with a good solution.

Client-side encryption stands out to be one of the best ways of securing your data online since you are the only one who holds the keys needed to decode it. There are some who are against the idea since it takes effort to do it and defeats the purpose of having a simple one click online storage services.

How Client side encryption works

With Client side encryption, you will need to have an application installed in your computer in order to encrypt and upload your files in the cloud as well as download and use them. An example of such an app is boxycryptor.

 The good

Unlike the server side encryption, where you upload your data first then they are encrypted, in client side encryption, your files will not leave your possession without being encrypted first. This brings cloud security into your own hands and increases the level of privacy since you hold the key necessary to decrypt them.

The bad

The whole idea of cloud storage is to make it easy to store and access files whenever you go, which client side encryption kinda works against. With this method you have to have to download and install an application every time you want to store or access files from a different computer, plus you cant trust any other computer apart from yours while encrypting since

Client side encryption might not give a complete freedom of movement and accessibility, but If you are security conscious it is definitely worth the time and effort.

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