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How to clear Internet history on an iMac

Clearing your browser history after use is one of those little things that sometimes don’t matter, but if you are using a public computer, at school library or at work, you will need to be 100% safe by making sure you delete the browser history every time you are done using the internet.

I don’t need to get into the depth of what might happen if you don’t, but one thing I can tell you is that browser history is one of the very open spaces that a hacker can use to access your online accounts.

Apart from hackers, anyone without much knowledge about hacking can just login to your account from where you left since most of the websites use cookies to keep an account logged in.

If you are familiar with how to clear browser history on a windows machine, then doing it on a Mac might be as easy as 123

Most of the latest versions of browsers have an option to browse privately, which doesn’t keep any cookies, but it is always good to check and make sure you don’t leave any traces. Here is how to clear cookies in different browsers.


Click on the Firefox menu and select preference, then click on the privacy tab. By default Firefox is set to Remember history. Just below it you will see two options “clear your recent history” and “remove individual cookies” select the first one, a drop down menu will popup, select “everything” then clear now.


Click on the history menu and you will see an option to clear your history, which should be the last item in the menu. Another option is to click on the safari menu- preferences-privacy-remove all website data.


Go to the chrome menu and select clear browser data, a window will popup with options, select browser history and on the time frame option select the beginning of time.

Another option is to click on the history menu, then select show full history and click on the edit item- clear browsing data-beginning of time.


Go to Tools menu and select delete private data, you will get a confirmation box; make sure it is the default option to delete all history. You can as well choose which part of history you need to delete but I would recommend you choose to delete all.

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