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How To Use Reddit To Grow Your Online Presence

Reddit is still the second largest social bookmarking site coming next after twitter, many people use reddit for their businesses and it is a great tool worth exploring. if you understand and use it correctly it can boost your online present and thus attracting more visitors to your website.

How it works

Reddit is a social media site where people can post news and interesting tips to connect online. you simply post content whether in form of a link or an update and other people can vote or comment depending on how they find it.The more interesting or controversial your update is the people will comment and the more exposer you will get. Topics that get more comments and votes will appear on top and will most probaly receive a couple hundred thousand views.

In order to get the most out of reddit and send in traffic to your business site, here are few tips you can follow.

Post Interesting stuff 

Remeber no one comes to reddit looking for products to buy, take it as any other social media site like facebook and twitter, it is more of a hanging out place rather than  business so remember to post interesting stuff that will definately attract a crowd.

Follow through the comments

This is probably the most important part, if you have decided to post something whether controversial or good then following up and adding a voice to the thread is very good for growing your profile.remember the more you become popular the more people will click on your links.

Be consistent

Make sure you post something new atleast a few times in a day in order pop  up on the front page.

Post links to your site

Throwing in a couple of links to your site even if its not new wont hurt. if you want to promote a website and not a blog this might post a challenge getting something new from your site. but you can throw in a link in between  other interesting stuff.


Try to be a bit controversial in your comments but not too much. unlike other social bookmarking sites, on reddit people get spotted more when they cause chaos.

Do you have more? tips add them in the comments  

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