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5 Best Remote Access Applications

Remote computer access is one of those subjects that seem to be of less importance especially when it comes to personal computers. In most cases people find themselves in need of remote accessibility when there is a major problem.

If you have worked on a computer remotely or have received help from someone, you probably understand how important it is to be able to connect, share or gain access to a computer to view files.

Remote access is not only helpful for technical stuff, for example if you have a photo stored in your computer which you want show it to your friends but you are far from the PC, having access to your computer can be as easily as 1-2-3.

Most computers will come with a pre-installed remote access application, but if you need it for more than just remote access, there are a ton of application to choose from that will even allow you to continue playing a game where you left. Here are five of the best overall.

Team Viewer

Teamviewer is the best overall, it has two versions to choose from, the free for personal use version and the pro version which also comes in three different plans going for about $750 - 2500 depending on the business.


This is another great tool for remote connectivity. it has a free version but you can decide to go pro. it also packs in a function to remote control your your PCs or MACs from an android device.


Mikogo is also another great app that runs as a stand alone application on a user's computer. It is the best of all when it comes to online meetings. what makes Mikogo to stand out is the quality of screen sharing it has.


Unlike the previous three, join.me is a web application or web service that allow users to connect and interact online without having to download any application.
join.me is more of a screen sharing rather than control. it is best for online meetings while allowing others to see what you are doing on your desktop.

Show mypc

This app provides both tools and services for remote support, which includes meetings, file transfers and backups. 

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