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How To Avoid Being Unfollowed On Twitter

Getting more followers on twitter is everybody’s goal, just the easy ‘follow me I follow you’ is more of a walk in the park to many new twitter users, however maintaining the followers is a commitment that seems like an upward task to many. You might have 1000 followers today only to wake up the next day and find only 600. Although this hasn’t happened to me personally, I have seen some accounts loosing up to 200 real twitter followers in a day.

 Apart from the spammers who trick you to follow them then immediately unfollow you, there are those real twitter friends or fans who are genuinely twitter users. This is the group that you should worry about since they are the ones who retweet, follow, like and help you find more followers.

There are simple things you can do not only to avoid being unfollowed but to keep your twitter account more fresh and engaging.

Simple and great twitter bio

This extends to more than the first impression. Simply stick to you niche, You don’t wanna be everything from a tech guru to kitchen store tips guy. Having a simple description targeting your niche or telling people more about you will make your followers more confident and anxious to see your tweets.

Stop automatic Dirrect messages

Don't get me wrong. If you are using twitter for marketing purposes and want to keep real followers, stop automated DMs unless you REALLY think your followers would be interested. If you have been having success with the auto direct messages and want to continue with the using them, I would strongly encourage you to compose them individually. Personally if you send me those “what are you doing with him in this video” messages more than twice, just count me out of your list.

Be consistent 

Again, if you are using twitter for business it is wise to research and find out what other guys in your industry are doing, if they are tweeting once a day. Or 10 times a day it can give you an idea of how many times to tweet. if you are just using it for social purposes try to make as normal as you.

Don’t tweet too often

Never fall into the trap of tweeting too much. Your followers may get tired of seeing you pop up countless times in their twitter feed and unfollow you. In the world of social media, most people don’t like annoying stuff and especially if not coming from their real friends in the outside world.

Tweet what your followers understand

This is a mistake that most bilingual guys make; you don’t expect all your followers to speak your language, tweet what you think everybody in your following pool will understand. Avoiding SMS like shortcuts is also great. Make sure you write something interesting in a clear ways that even a 4 year old can understand.

Reply to tweets made to you

Don’t ignore the @s mentions, apart from the normal shout outs and greetings made to you, most people tweet to you some questions and issues they have, that’s why it’s worth checking and replying immediately. Some people might feel less important in this situation and decide to unfollow you.

Avoid sensitive issues like Religion and Politics

This seems very easy but religion and politics are so sensitive, they might even get your account banned by twitter. This will probably be the fastest ways to loose a huge chunk of your followers. Don’t tweet about religion and especially with the support of one side.

Have you experience a huge drop in your followers? Share your experience and advice in the comments below.

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