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Top 10 tools to schedule your twitter posts

Twitter is one of the social networking sites that take a lot of time to maintain and update. In most cases you have to be available to make it more engaging by following up on the latest tweets and answering to tweets made to you. As your twitter followers grow, you will see the need to schedule your tweets when you are not available in order to keep your followers up to date on what’s happening and maintain the top spot on the trend.
Since twitter doesn’t have a built in feature where you can type and schedule your posts, you will need a third party application to do this. Here is a list of tools that can help you schedule your tweets and post.

1SocialOomph- This is one of my favorite tools, it lets you schedule your tweets down to a minute.  It also tracks your Twitter Direct messages and identifies people who are most likely to be interested in your tweets. It is a great tool for marketing as it helps you identifies those interested in what you have to offer.

2. twuffer- Of all the tools I have used I think this is basically the easiest and fastest of all. You simply sign with your twitter account, type in your tweet and choose when to post it. It took me about a minute and a half to sign up and schedule one tweet.

3. Hootsuite -  this is probably the biggest tool of the ten, it is full of features that most of other tools don have, it not only has an auto tweet function but can also schedule messages, track your mentions and analyze your twitter traffic. You can also manage and auto post on multiple social networks like Facebook and Google+. The pro account which goes for $10/month allows you to manage unlimited social profiles.

4. Timely – this tool helps you schedule your tweet according to viewership and time slots, it analyzes your account based on previous 199 tweets and how much traffic you get, then posts your tweet at the time when you normally receive the highest traffic.

5. Gremln- This is more professional that it is for normal social twitter account; it has a basic account and pro accounts for up to $100 a month. some of the exciting features include rss automation and  archiving of tweets up to six months

6. Sproutsocial- this is a great platform for personal or business branding, apart from scheduling your tweets it also allows you to post on other social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook with a single click. it is strictly a paid service but they have a 30 days trial for each plan.

7. Future tweets – this is still a new tool in beta version, it is simple to use and allows unlimited number of tweets. They used to have a recurring functionality but was disabled when twitter changed their policy.

8. 14 Blocks – this is also a great tool, it boasts to having the functionality to determine the best time to post your tweets. You can schedule a retweet for your followers who are not in the same time zone as yours.

9. Garious- apart from being a great twitter scheduling tool it also helps you manage your accounts on 30 more social networking sites. This means you can also schedule posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.  It is still new but works great.

10. Bufferapp- this is great tool for personal use as well as business, you don’t have to choose which time to post since it automatically selects the best time to post your tweets. It also lets you connect with over 30 other application to enhance your sharing experience.

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