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Best Anti-theft Apps for Samsung Galaxy S3

Everybody has a different taste when it comes to applications and phone features, but one application that is a must have for everybody is an anti theft security application. Unless you think its cool for it to get stolen which I don’t think even bill gates would want that to happen to him.

Everyone wants to retain their phones at least until another version comes out, that is why it is extremely important that you have anti theft feature to help you recover your phone immediately its stolen or lost.
Samsung galaxy S3

By default all Samsung handsets have a preinstalled tracker but that doesn’t offer a real time tracking feature to recover your phone within minutes of getting stolen. here are a few applications that will help recover your Samsung Galaxy s3 and help keep your data secure.


This is undoubtedly the best anti theft application for your Samsung Galaxy s3. it is easy to set up and only costs about $4 one-time lifetime fee. When your phone is stolen you can simply log in to the web client account of their site and command it to wipe away all of its memory and call another number. If you want to know what the thief is doing with your phone, you can simply allow him to continue using it and you can capture call logs, read SMS  and get the location of your phone in real time.

Kaspersky mobile security

Kaspersky mobile security offers essential anti theft defense, It allows you to locate your missing phone, lock and wipe out data from it, it also offers basic security features like antivirus, unwanted SMS blocking, and a cloud based security scanner.

Lookout Mobile Security

This app will backup your phone data including your phone contacts. When your phone is stolen, you can simply wipe all the data on it remotely, recover it quickly and then restore it back as it was, plus It has one of the fastest real time tracking; you can get back your phone In minutes.


Apart from offering one of the best anti theft features, this app will protect your online identity, protect your children against unsuitable web content and applications, block unwanted calls and SMS, locate your children anywhere using their mobile phones and last of all help locate your phone within minutes of it’s disappearance.

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