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How to Market your Small business on Twitter

If you are a small business owner trying to get your products or services out to the public, you must have realized that exposure can sometimes be an uphill task. Before you get your first customers and make them want to come back for more, you must be willing to spend some time and resources to market your business. One of the secrets of marketing in this new era is that you don’t have to spend money marketing online, in fact the best marketing methods online are free, the only thing you need to do is to dedicate your time to it.

What is twitter and how can it help my business?

Twitter is a social messaging tool that helps people stay connected through a short message (tweet) of up to 140 characters or less; it is a great tool to pass a quick update on what you are doing. Almost all bloggers and internet marketers use tool on daily basis to market their online business. It is estimated that there are more than 500 million twitter users worldwide. With many individual and companies currently using twitter, it can great marketing tool for your business: here are the benefits of using Twitter for your small business.

1.  Publicizing your business and products and letting people know about your website.
2. Getting the attention of people specifically interested in your industry and letting them know what you
3. Increasing your reach by meeting new people and sharing ideas, this will help you get more insights on
        how you can grow your business.
4. Share interesting news about your newest product or service.
5. Know specifically what people are more interest in with what you have to offer.
6. Talk to your customers and respond to their question in real time.

Getting the most out of Twitter

If you want to best promote your business using twitter, you have to establish yourself or business in a more professional way. Here are a few tips.


When you fist set up your twitter account, you need to decide whether you will use it as a personal account or a business one. If your business is still small I would suggest starting a personal account since most people don’t like following businesses they don’t know about and running it on personal level will help you interact well with potential customers and create friendships as well as share personal experiences.

Know what you are promoting

Remember that your goal is to get people to know and buy your product or service. Be sure to focus on your industry, share your products daily or a few times in a day but over do it. Real twitter users don’t like spam. To avoid repetition and keep your tweets new and exciting is to post other interesting news from other sites that are related to your industry.

Write a good bio

When someone visits your profile for the first time, they need to see someone worth following, write what you love and your expertise. Let everybody know that you can offer what you tweet about. You can also share about what you love.

Build relationships

If you want to make your visitor coming back to your profile is build a good and lasting relationship, don’t just make unsolicited mails or forward brochure. You can achieve a good relationship building goal by mentioning, following and retweeting your followers tweets. You can help with some answers to their general questions and like their tweets.

Learning how to use twitter can help your business achieve its marketing goals, go ahead and open an account, it’s free.

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