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How to Block Facebook on your Personal Computer

Few months ago there was an article on Mashable about how to tell if you are addicted to Facebook, as I read the article I just realized that I have been a victim once and because almost everyone around me had the same problem, no one could tell me that I was too much into Facebook.

Facebook is a great social site but it sometimes it ends up taking too much of our time, if you always have an urge to use Facebook even when you don’t feel like using the internet, this is definitely and indication you are too much into it.

 I don’t belong to the anti Facebook league but all am saying is we can minimize time spent on Facebook and be more productive in our daily activities. Most employers opt to block Facebook at work since they believe it sometimes hampers their employers’ productivity. Apart from this, new research has shown that too much of Facebook usage can hurt your self esteem.

The most effective way to discipline your self on how to use Facebook and other social networking sites is to set personal goals and standards.  You can simply begin by making a goal to use Facebook for 30 minutes daily. As part of achieving this goal you can block Facebook on your personal computer, when you try to log in it will bring a blank page and this can be a reminder of what you are working on.

Here is how to do it manually on windows PC

Using the local host file

If you are using windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista and 7 – Open the host file in  C:\WNDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

Open the host file using notepad and make a backup somewhere else incase you mess up, add Facebook or any other website url immediately after the local host IP

127.0.01 www.facebook.com
127.0.01 facebook.com

Using the internet explorer

Open internet Explorer-tools-internet option
Click on the content tab-enable-approved sites
Type the web address you want to block in the box in this case www.facebook.com and Facebook.com then click Never and OK.

If you have a good self control, there is no need to block Facebook or any other social sites just set a goal and work towards it.

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