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How to use Instagram on your computer

You don’t necessarily need an iPhone or android device to share your photos or see what your friends are up to on Instagram. You can do just that with your desktop or laptop and an internet connection.

Instagram started as an iPhone app that allow users to take and share photos via the Instagram platform and through the social media. The android application was later added which increased its popularity by more than 50%. Since it has become so popular, you might feel left out if your phone is not running any of the compatible operating systems.

 Unlike other major social media platforms Instagram doesn’t have an official desktop application. But with the help of some third party programs you can experience Instagram photo sharing the same way as having it on an iPhone. Here is how to do it.

Desktop based programs 


This is probably the closest you can get to Instagram, it actually has more features than just the normal Instagram experience. In addition to seeing your feed and the most popular photos, Instagrile lets your view photos that were taken near your current location and you can easily download the photos by hovering over the image button and selecting download. The only thing you can’t do is upload photos from your desktop.


This is an Instagram web client for Mac. It lets you browse your friends and explore the social graph where you can easily find new people to follow, you can also download and sync your photos, plus the obvious one of seeing your feed and your friends new posts.

Web based programs


Despite not having many features, it is probably the closest to what Instagram might look like if it were to get a desktop view. It is slicker than the rest which makes it feel like using Instagram on your android phone. It has some basic social media share buttons, you can just hover over the photo or click to share it on twitter, Facebook or pinterest.


Webstagram is packed with a few more features than Webbygram, apart from viewing the tabs and popular feed; it lets you change the view to either a tab or grid. It also has an option to see only the photos you have liked, search for tags or users and see hot trending tags.

Other web based alternatives


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