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5 Tools to Find out Who Unfollowed you on Twitter

There are many reasons why people unfollow you on twitter, it might be a boring tweet or they might just find your tweets not useful. whether you are using twitter as a marketing tool or as a way to get in touch with friends, it still hurts the same way when people decide to unfollow you.

Everyone wants to have a huge fan base, and getting even one person to unfollow you, definitely means that you are becoming less popular. If you are a blogger or an online interpreneure using twitter as a marketing tool, it will be good to know specifically who unfolowed you, so you can have an opportunity to email them and get the feedback as to why they did it. This will help you improve your tweets or what ever it is that is boring to your fans.

Since twitter doesn’t have a built-in way to see who has unfollowed you, you will need some third- party apps to help you with this. Here are a few you can try out.

Goodbye buddy

This is a great unfollower monitor for twitter. You can sign in with your twitter account and grant access to the application to see your stats. It also gives you an option on the settings tab, to receive notifications by direct mail.


Although there have been mixed reaction about how it actually monitors your unfollowers, I still find it a great tool. With Qwitter you can specify a different email account to receive your notifications, they basically don’t want to flood your inbox with all the discouraging messages about how bad your twitter account is doing.

They have a free and paid plans, the paid plan can only monitor one account while the paid one can monitor several accounts and help you to see the performance of your tweets.

Mr. unfollowr

This is the simplest app of all, it doesn’t require you to go to a third party app or anything, you just have to follow Mr. unfollowr and you are done. When someone unfollows you it sends a direct message to your twitter inbox.


Twunfollow is very user friendly tool, but it sometimes develops issues with overcapacity and timely notification delivery. One thing I like about them is that you don’t have to follow them on twitter in order to use their service; you just have to sign in with your twitter account and authorize the app.


Appart from telling who left you, this tool will help you manage your tweets by showing you which update made people to follow or infollow you most. It’s a great tool to help you consistently grow and maintain your twitter followers.

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