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Google's free SMS service rolls out more in Africa

Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi have hooked up to service from Google that allow users to send free SMS,s from their Gmail accounts to mobile phones. the service which was launched a few years ago allows one to send a text message without having to register their phone. although the service is free from Gmail to a cell phone, normal SMS charges apply when replying to the message from a cell phone.

Since the rolling out, i have noticed some slight new changes which have been introduced, for example there are a certain number of SMS,s you can send to someone before getting a reply, despite all this the feature is cool, especially in Africa where not many people have internet enable phones and its hard to chat using a mobile messenger or other chatting apps.

Although the competition in the mobile service have increased bringing it to Kshs 1 the amount you pay texting, you can still end up saving up to 20 shillings especially if you are in the habit of frequently.
The service can also be good good for social groups and small companies as it can help save up the cost of communication.

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