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Number Portability; A few weeks to go

As the date set for mobile number portability (MNP) which allows customers to switch operators without giving up their numbers gets closer, many customers are anxiously looking forward to it. but the mobile service companies don't seem to be very excited about it since this will just start yet another fight  for customers, as seen in the recent war in price reductions  late last year.

This time as it was before, the beneficiaries will be the customers while the companies will have to stretch more to retain their customers. we are waiting to see what the heart of this battle will be this time, will it be the reduction in prices or the improvement of services.

From the war in prices which was started by the then Zain Kenya which is now Airtel, it is evident that one of the best way to attract customers especially in this kind of business is through price reduction, it seems that most people don't care too much about quality of service since cost cutting is everybody's wish in a poor economy like Kenya.

As the competition gets tougher, some operators might think of different tariff plans as used by other mobile operators in some countries where you buy a package like post pay which is cheaper and it will make it more difficult to keep changing from one operator to another.

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