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Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, coolest phone ever

You don't need to tell your 10 year old brother or son that u have it, its a secret, otherwise no one will come to stop the fight as who is having it first. the smart phone has super fast graphics with play station gaming experience and the latest android technology(Gingerbread). it is named as the world first play station certified smartphone, meaning you will have access to play station content.
The official launching is set for the 31st of march 2011, everybody is just getting ready for the gaming experience it has to offer.

Game features 
Gaming keys L/R shoulder and 4 symbol key
4'' multi touch 16 million touch screen
console like gaming experience with superb stereo sound
1GHz CPU,Adreno 205 graphical processor, optimized for advanced gaming
8GB micro SD, upgradable to 32GB

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