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ICT Board PASHA Loans

Of the 689 applications made through the family bank, only 47 have been approved by the board, according to an official release from the board this morning. we are yet to know the names of the successful applicants which will be released by mid this year with their loans being disbursed around the same time.

This is great news to internet service providers and other players in the industry as this will stimulate growth  thereby giving them more opportunity for expansion to rural areas.

25% of the applications came from women and the board said that plans are underway to have this number grow in the coming phases of the project.
The loans have been shared by 47 counties, this seems a small number, but the board said that plans are underway to have a center in every county.

The ICT board said that they are working together with major network providers to ensure that the centers have reliable data connections and proper maintenance.

The centers are meant to help more Kenyans have access to information and become more 'digitalized' which will enhance growth as the country eyes for vision 2030

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