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Mpesa Fraudsters; why is Safaricom Quiet?

This is not new to many Kenyans, MBHDGFE You have received Kshs. 12,300 from ******* your new Mpesa balance is 24,500. Personally i have received such a message twice telling me i have received a huge some of money that i didn't have, and the next thing you hear is a phone ringing telling you they have sent money to you by mistake and that you need to send it back, as you do so you end up sending the balance you had in your phone to a fraudsters.

Normally an original message of someone having sent you money is simply recognized by the sender, and in this situation the sender must be Mpesa and not someones number, but because many Kenyans are always in a hurry some will not pay attention to this and end up falling into the trap of these con men.

When i first received this message about six months ago i quickly checked my balance to make sure but realized i only had about 5shillings,i mentioned this to my friend, who had also received 2 of these texts, told me that he knows of a woman who was conned the same way and ended up loosing 15,000.

The most surprising thing is that i haven't come across news of someone being arrested in connection to this kind of crime and if there is, maybe one or two.
I think almost everyone will agree with me that the one of appropriate actions for this kind of crime is loosing ones line, but surprisingly i saved the number in my phone book and called it a month later and it was still operational.

Is Safaricom aware of this? why cant they have a software that tracks this kind of messages? i think they can do it, someone is just being lazy somewhere.
My efforts to report this issue ended up on the Safaricom answering machine, with my little patience i couldn't wait for the "Next available customer care representative to attend to me" for more than 10 minutes.

If this issue is not resolved it might lead to the lose of many millions of shillings from the poor taxpaying citizens.

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