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Kenya android Market, What next?

With the launch of the new Huawei Ideos smartphone into the Kenyan market, the android market has become more popular especially among the young fellows. owning a smartphone in Kenya has become a reality, personally i have always dreamnt of having a cheap phone that could grant me access to the thousands of applications on the android market.
smart phone have just been too expensive and not available to the local market that much, thanks to the Huawei makers, you can now get a fast smartphone for as little as $100 (about 8,000 Kshs.)

When the android market was launched sometime in September last year, we have seen young developers venturing in the market with their new and creative applications, one such app that i have used is "Kenyan football for android" an app that i found interesting to me since i love and appreciate Kenyan soccer, it is absolutely free to download and use.

There are other great apps that go for a small amount like "Kenya quick facts" which you can get for about Kshs. 83 ($1.00) this exciting app lists details about Kenya that you will probably take along time searching on the internet.

What the developers around haven't been able to figure out is that game apps sell the most, i still wonder why they haven't been able to create game apps to compete with the rest of developers in the android market.

In July last year, Google launched the app inventor which made it even easier for developers to create new apps, but still, we haven't seen that big growth in apps development around. but with the android enabled phones getting cheaper, we are looking at a sharp upward turn in the android market in Kenya.

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