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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Return Kit Includes A Fire-Proof Box & Gloves

it seems like Samsung is thinking of calling it quits as far as the Galaxy Note 7 is concerned as they have announced that they will be ending production of the device. The handset will also no longer be sold, and there will also no longer be replacement units given to those who currently own the device.

Samsung is also asking customers who still own the handset to return them immediately, despite a few reports that postal services and couriers are refusing to ship the device, Samsung has decided to try and protect it as much as they can to make the shipping process safer. How will they do that? According to some owners, who have received the return kit, it apparentlyfeatures a fire-proof box and a pair of gloves.

You heard it right, it seems that the phone is so dangerous that the company is acknowledging that they can catch fire anytime, so insulating the device casing and protecting the user makes sense. It is also alleged that Samsung will be opting for ground shipping, thus reducing the risk of the phone exploding mid-flight and causing more injuries.

It is quite unfortunate that Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup had to be marred by the exploding Note 7 handsets, especially since reviews of the phone were largely positive, but here’s hoping that Samsung has learnt the hard way  and we won’t see a repeat performance with future devices.

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