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OnePlus 3 Production To Be Halted In Favor Of OnePlus 3S

If you thought you are the only one having a hard time finding a OnePlus 3 then you are not alone. For those unfamiliar, as it turns out, OnePlus might be having a hard time trying to keep up with the huge demand, with the soft gold OnePlus 3 being out of stock and the Graphite model being more than a few weeks back ordered.

Now according to a report fromGizmoChina, it seems that OnePlus could be considering putting an end to the production of the OnePlus 3. Wait, isn’t that a bit too early? Yes it would, but fret not because apparently in place of the OnePlus 3, the company could be planning a better model of the device in the form of the OnePlus 3S or the OnePlus 3 Plus.

According to GizmoChina’s sources, the difference would be OnePlus shifting from the use of AMOLED display panels to that ofLCD. Apparently OnePlus is having trouble with production because of the screens.

Another expected change is that the phone will be upgraded to a Snapdragon 821 chipset, a chipset which is currently in use by Google’s new Pixel phones. Of course this should be taken with a grain of salt as it is rather unprecedented as far as OnePlus’ habits are concerned, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled all the same.

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