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How to Register your Company or Confirm Marriage Certificate via a Mobile Phone in Kenya

Yes, you  heard it right, you can actually register your marriage via a mobile phone - how cool is that - Forget all the long queues that most Kenyans encounter at the registration office. The government of Kenya launched a service sometime back that is aimed at service efficiency and reducing the long queues and suffering that most Kenyans go through when they are registering their companies, want to get marriage or wish to start a society (Group)

The new service, which can be accessed on their Safaricom mobile phone via the short code *271# has not gained a huge popularity yet but according to the government it is the most efficient way of doing it. Of cause you might still need to go to the registrars office, but by the time you go there half of your case would have been solved and you will only need to finish.

Users will be charged Ksh 100 to M-PESA Pay Bill number 945050

Here are the steps

Dial *271# Using your Safaricom Line (Currently not available for other lines)

Choose an Option (in This case Marriage)

Confirm Certificate of Marriage

Type in your Marriage certificate

Done, the steps for the company registration are similar, just choose the other option

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