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Best Online Programs in 2016

Here is a list of the best online programs offered by colleges in the United States. The report was done by a team of education specialists and released in January 7th to help student s as they prepare to begin their classes this year.

The rankings are still valid, it is categorized according to the type of program, which makes it easy to choose. Here is the list.

 Best Online Programs in 2015

Best Online Bachelor's Programs
  • 1. Pennsylvania State University—World Campus
  • 2. Daytona State College (FL)
  • 2. University of Illinois—Chicago
  • 2. Western Kentucky University
Best Online MBA Programs
  • 1. Indiana University—Bloomington
  • 1. Temple University (PA)
  • 1. University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill
Best Online Graduate Criminal Justice Programs
  • 1. University of California—Irvine
  • 2. Arizona State University
  • 2. Boston University
  • 2. Pace University (NY)
Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs

  • 1. Medical University of South Carolina
  • 2. St. Xavier University (IL)
  • 3. Johns Hopkins University (MD)
  • 3. University of South Carolina

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