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Mshwari Lock Account Rates

Mshwari Lock is a savings account that allows users of Mshwari to save some amount of money for a specific amount of time, although this account has limitation, it is ideal for those who wish to 'lock' up their money and use it at a later date.

The money will only be given to the owner after the maturity date is over, this maturity date is usually agreed upon by both the account holder and Mshwari.

Here is how it works.

Assuming you already have Mshwari.

You dial *234*6# and and activate Mshwari Lock savings account then it will guide you through.


M-Shwari Lock Savings account Balance inquiry (via USSD)

Ksh 1

M-Shwari Lock Savings account Mini-statement  inquiry (via USSD)

KSh 1

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