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How to clear an E16 error message on your GoTV screen

If you are a Gotv subscriber, You might sometimes get get that annoying message on your TV screen that says something like Error - 16 please check your antenna or whatever the hell it might tell you.

Unfortunately Gotv doesnt have a good support center where you can call and speak to a real human being, they only have this answering machine that might make it even more annoying when you call. So my advice is please don't call, you would rather speak to me and i charge some small fee than bother about those folks.

Anyway enough with the talking and lets get to business.

Here is what to do when you get that Error 16 thing.

Take your mobile and go to messages Type RESET, leave a space, type the IUC number (the number on the red sticker at the bottom of your decoder) and send to 6488.

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