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Facebook Updated its Android App with Offline Publishing Feature

Sometimes when you want to post something, be it a text or an image, on your Facebook profile, but you’re unable to do so due to lack of internet.

Sometimes it can be quite annoying, especially, when you write your entire status update or upload a photo and find out that your internet is out. Don’t be bother now as Facebook has released a new update for its Android app that brings offline publishing feature.

But how does offline publishing work? Well, it’s very simple. If you don’t have coverage or internet connectivity at the time of writing an update on Facebook, all you have to do is publish your post. And the next time your phone connects to the internet or when you will disable the flight mode, if enabled, the post will automatically be pushed to your Facebook profile without you having to write or upload the image again.

There’s nothing more to it except a few bug fixes and improvements. Although they don’t mention the list of bug fixes or enhancements, we’re hoping facebook fixed the app crash issue.
Source: Google Play Store, Android Central

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