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Sony wants to ship 65 million Xperia units next year

For its next fiscal year starting in April next year, through to March 2014, Japanese OEM Sony has set a goal. The company aims to ship 65 million smartphones over those 12 months which would be a 55% gain from the 42 million Xperia units expected to be shipped in this fiscal year. This information comes from sources inside the vendor's supply chain. 

Sony plans on offering more phones powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and lower priced models that have MediaTek silicon. And In addition, next year Sony will release its first smartphone powered by the new Firefox OS. The new model will be aimed at developing countries and the low to mid-range portion of the smartphone market. This, of course, will be in addition to the mid to high end Xperia models Sony will also release, that are driven by Android.

The sources also claims that Sony will be handing out orders to a trio of Taiwan based OEM/ODMs such as Arima Communications, Foxconn/FIH Mobile and Compal Communications. Each of these companies will be responsible for the production of 2-4 Sony Xperia handsets each. For the fiscal year 2014, the three contract manufacturers will see orders from Sony increase 50% over the 2013 fiscal year, based on  the source information.

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