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Motorola DVX Photos Revealed By FCC

Motorola DVX rumors are almost becoming too common, and although we are yet to receive the full confirmed specs. The many leaks we have received have given us a clear picture of how the phone will look like. 

 Up until now the DVX chatter has focused on the handset being a low-cost alternative to the Moto X. To this point, Republic Wireless is expected to launch the Motorola DVX sometime in October and we know they are already planning to sell the Moto X at a contract-free of about $299. 
Motorola DVX

An revised FCC filing for the Motorola DVX was spotted by Reddit user Danrant and while we have yet to see anything further in the way of specs — this filing did provide a few images of the handset. Simply put, it is now clear how the front and back of the Motorola DVX will look like. And indeed, with just a few minor changes, the handset does look like the Moto X.

In fact, the one noticeable difference is on the speaker grill, which now is on the opposite side of the camera lens. Other key details coming from this filing include mention of three model numbers and support for WCDMA and GSM.

Those three model numbers include the XT1033, XT1032, and the XT1035. The filing does not mention any carriers, although given there are a few model numbers listed — that could lead one to believe the handset will arrive with multiple carriers. As we said, Republic Wireless is one of those carriers. Otherwise, aside from offering a look at the handset, the main objective of this filing was for hearing aid compatibility tests.

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