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Pinterest Acquires Hackermeter after two Months Since Launch

About two months ago a new start-up site called Hackermeter was launched with the aim to help developers and programmers increase their coding skills and also match talented developers with exciting new job prospects.

The new Hackermeter program was created to automatically match developers with companies that were interested in the offered skill set, allowing potential employers to playback applicants code keystroke-by-keystroke.

However after only two months of running the new site, Pinterest has now acquired the Hackermeter site and unfortunately will be shutting it down.

Shortly after its launch Hackermeter received criticism that the offering provided by the site were already available for sites such as CodeEval, HackerRank and others. However Pinterest obviously see potential in the company or its developers to put in a  bid and successfully acquire the team and business in its very early stages.

When asked for more information about the acquisition both Pinterest and Hackermeter’s founders declined to share the terms or conditions of the acquisition. The creators of the system Lucas Baker and Frost Li, will both be joining the Pinterest team as engineers.

Although the information about the new acquisition is now public, you can still find out a little bit more about the young start-up Hackermeter, as their site is currently still live and not yet been taken off-line by their new owners.

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