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Ten Technologies that Prove we are living in The Future

The FutureThe future has arrived, but people seem blissfully unaware. Reality is now equipped with an endless 

bevy of exhilarating marvels. This list of ten modern technologies should stir a massive understanding of the insanely advanced modern era. 

3D Printers

Raw materials can now be rapidly transformed into complex reproductions that mimic their natural counterparts. These duplicated structures will revolutionize the world of trade and commerce. When several patents expire in 2014, these machines will be available to everyone.

Unmanned Drones

Robots are flying in the sky with an ability to kill on command. Their operators are in distant locations, and they use extensive navigation grids to guide these destructive forces. 

Fiber Internet

Data access is being upgraded on a massive scale. People can now stream over a gigabyte per second, 
which allows them to stream pristine video quality. Furthermore, most downloads are instantaneously completed.

Home Automation

A personal abode can be technologically outfitted to automatically provide every essential aspect of a home’s inherent comfort. All basic tasks can be relegated to a remote control unit, which modernizes appliances in unforeseen ways. To witness how a Charleston home automation could transform any living space, call Vivint

Indoor Plumbing

Many people have complacently ignored the unprecedented convenience of having a bathroom built into their domicile; however, this is still one of the most futuristic luxuries being afforded to mankind. 

Geothermal Floors

Energy bills can be almost entirely eliminated by relying on the natural resonation of the planet. Comprehensive scientific analysis has yielded advanced systems that can harvest this heat for infinite purposes. 

3D Movies

Seeing visions on a screen is already relatively futuristic; however, the ability to have these images reach out over the audience is unimaginably advanced. 

Virtually Interactive Worlds

Video games are becoming physically involved to the point that players are immersed in their fantasy land. The height of personal engagement in these falsified realities demonstrates the future’s presence. 

Terabyte Flash Drives

Twenty years ago, hard drives contained four megabytes. They were over-sized units that were disproportionately ineffective at storing important files. The procurement of gigabyte drives was considered a remarkable stride with the ability to fit one thousand megabytes. Now, people can store one thousand gigabytes in their pocket.

High Definition Satellite Streaming

Machines outside the atmosphere allow people to transmit videos around the world with sterling visual quality. The fact that humanity has satellites at all is a cause for celebration, but these have become essential tools for life. 


Hopefully, this list proves the undeniable notion that the future is now; however, new abilities are discovered every day. As a result, the future will continue becoming more futuristic than people ever conceived.

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