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BBM for Android expected this Friday

For those who have been eagerly waiting for Blackberry‘s Messenger app for Android to be launched, we might have some good news. After seeing the app finally leak yesterday we’re now starting to get more details regarding a potential release date. It seems like BBM for Android might finally launch this coming Friday.
BBM for Android

Samsung Mobile’s Nigeria Twitter account confirmed that Samsung will have a 3 month exclusive on BlackBerry Messenger for Android. They also briefly mentioned that it will be available “from Friday” which leads us to believe that this will be the official launch date.

The new BBM app lets users send and receive instant text messages to and from other BBMers, even if you don’t own a BlackBerry. The company wants to remind former BB fans who have since switched to the iPhone and more affordable Android phones, replacing the BBM with chat apps like WhatsApp or Samsung ChatOn that send and receive messages to anyone regardless of what phone they have.

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