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How to Drive traffic to your Blog

These guidelines on how to drive traffic to your blog are carefully thought, researched, studied and tested. Please read and apply as many as of these strategies as possible because some work where others don't. If you do not test each and every single method, you will not be in any position to tell which one works and which one does not. In most cases these strategies will work, driving lot of traffic to your blog.

valuable content - This free strategy ensures that you keep your many visitors for as long as it is possible. A quality blog post will always interest most readers and they will want to stay around your blog and visit it more often after the initial visit. A great post is one that is informative and entertaining. This can be well explained  with what happens in your real home. If you have quality activities in the day and good meal and drinks, you will have many visitors and even if they leave you will most definitely have new ones. This strategy is by far the most effective way of attracting millions of visitors from any targeted area. Once you have attractive and quality content, the next step involves doing awareness; letting people learn about it.

Content Syndication - Syndication of content is a free strategy that involves writing super good articles for viewers to look at. You write it with the intent to attract the eyes of readers. You may not necessarily consider back links at this point but they eventually come anyway and are very relevant. Content syndication is normally closely associated with guest blogging. The basic idea behind it is to get your creation onto a website that is full of relevant readers so that they can also see your content and follow you to your blog. 

Content syndication can be very useful in blogging because the blogs owners' names get exposed in the Cyber Sea where they are likely to get more connections, publicity and traffic which leads to lot of money. A blogger can easily be discovered through content syndication. If you are a writer, content syndication can help you too. You will get a constant source of new and quality content to be published on the site. This sounds good because sites need to be continually updated so that they appear fresh all the time. Whether the new content comes from the publisher or elsewhere is not important. It is important to keep the contacts of the sites that syndicate you so that you can contact them whenever you have new content.

Guest blogging - It is a free strategy that is a category under content syndication. Blog post is a type of content so guest blogging is a strategy that is specific to blogs. Bloggers write quality posts that are published on other blogs. You as a blogger write a post that is published on another person's blog. This helps you to build relationships with other bloggers who are in your niche. Better blogger relationships come with guest posting opportunities, strategies sharing and overall strategy review. Guest blogging also helps you to build your brand and gives you more exposure. The best thing is that, you are able to get LASER TARGETED traffic to your blog or site. High traffic may lead to high opt-in rates which help in building an e-mail list.

Content Re-purposing - It is a free and an easy way of showing you how to drive traffic to your blog. You can reach far more visitors by changing the format of your content. It is a strategy that is popularly used by content marketers to develop a brand and so you can use it too. It involves manipulating the original content and customizing it for different websites. For instance you can change the content to a Podcast / Audio, presentation, info graph, e-book, video, Pinterest among other content formats. 

Always remember to maintain value no matter how you intend to do your content re-purpose.

Google AdWords - Use of Google AdWords is a paid strategy of driving strategy to your blog. You will have to pay some money to Google every time someone clicks on a link to your site from Google's search result page. All these free and paid traffic strategies will make your blogging experience an excellent one. Use them for a successful blog

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