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6 ways to keep your mobile phone safe

As the use of mobile devices increases, the manufacturers are introducing new applications to suit the needs of customers belonging to business and entertainment.

These days,  mobile devices have graduated from an instrument used to make and receive calls, to a device that allows shopping, paying bills, playing games and sharing of thoughts via social media.
Despite the fact that  the use of Internet over mobile has helped the proliferation of mobile devices, it has also opened gates for cybercriminals who have invaded the data stored in our mobile devices.
Here are a few simple tips that can help you protect your data stored in mobile device from hackers:

1. Put a PIN

As first line of defense, use a PIN code or a password to keep your mobile device locked when you are not using it. Make sure, you set it to auto-lock in order to avoid the risk of leaving the device unlocked.

2. Think before you click

You might find it convenient to chat on social media and access your mails while on the go but sometimes in a rush-to-respond situation, we may click on links that may contain a virus or malware.
Therefore, be very careful when accessing and reading mails on your mobile.

3. Beware of malicious app sources

Since malicious software for mobile devices are distributed through "bad" apps, you ought to be very careful while downloading any application. Make sure you only download the apps approved by the renowned manufacturers.

Also, download them only from proven sources. Google Play, iTunes, Samsung Apps and Nokia Store are some of the well-known app stores that can be preferred for downloading apps. Although you can get same apps at cheaper rates at other sites, these apps are more likely to contain malware.

4. Secure your device

It is very important for you secure your mobile with trusted and tested security software that protects your device against risky websites and malicious apps. This software also allows the user to backup remotely, lock or wipe the sensitive data from your mobile device, incase it is lost or stolen.
McAfee, Norton, Quick Heal and Kaspersky are some of the leading brands that offer software for mobile security. Enable data encryption on your device, especially if your mobile device supports this software. You can also contact a reliable information security solution provider for mobile authentication.

5. Delete all details while giving up old device

Erase all personal information, pictures and history (websites visited) by restoring the device back to default settings, when you sell or give up your device. Also, remove all complete information and other associated details from SIM cards or memory cards which you discontinue using.

6. Safeguard Your Data

• Don't let anybody use your smartphone, especially if it is in gatherings and public places.
• Keep your smartphone locked using a unique PIN code even if you have to take the pain of entering code manually every time you use the phone. This habit will provide you peace of mind incase your phone is lost or stolen.

• Don't leave the Bluetooth activated. Also avoid accepting unknown or distrusted connections.
• Stay away from open Wi-Fi network, especially for banking and shopping.
• Let your device accept new operating system updates.

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