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Alibaba Pushes its Mobile OS to 5 new Handset Makers

Chinese company Alibaba group has re-ignited its efforts to popularise its homegrown mobile operating system by pushing it to 5 new handset makers.

 This new move which expected to help reach out to the already booming mobile phone market comes months after a fight with google over an Acer-made phone for Alibaba's mobile OS.

Alibaba has set a side $160 Million for developers to create Apps for AMOS through a revenue sharing program plus other incentives.

Speaking during the announcement Jonathan Lu, president of the Alibaba Mobile business unit,  said  that the company has “an open attitude” and  “welcomes cooperation with all types of partners to together create a healthy ecosystem” for the mobile Internet.

The new handset makers which were confirmed to have made the deal to intergrate the OS include ZOPO, KONKA, Little perrer, Amoi and G'Five.

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