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How to Promote your New Domain Name

For most people it is not a big problem coming up with a name for their new website and then registering it, the tough part comes when you want to send traffic to your website and promote it. But  how do you exactly do that?

Most people start off with a shoestring budget so here I will address low cost and free ways to start sending traffic to your newly registered domain name. Hopefully, at the conclusion of this article you can begin to promote your new website and start getting visitors to build your business! Good luck!
One of the first stops to make is to let the major search engines know your site exists. This is normally a very quick and easy thing to do. And once you get your site indexed in the search engines it can be found when users search keywords matching your domain name.

First, make a quick stop over to Google and simply type in the search box "Google site submit" or 'submit link'. You will find a link on Google to where you can easily fill out a form and submit your site url to them. They will not guarantee inclusion into their directory, but usually if they do your site should start showing up in search results within seven days.

Next, head on over to Bing and do the same thing as you did with Google and fill out the form and submit your domain name to their search engine too. Bing and Yahoo! have now combined their search efforts so there is no need to submit to both of the sites, because when you list your site at Bing it will show up in Yahoo's search results as well.

The next thing you can do is to start writing articles, like this one based on the subject or content of your site. Whatever topic you are knowledgeable about will suffice. When you do this, it can very well position you as a credible expert in your field and also generates additional exposure for your website as well.

You can also start hitting the blogs related to your site. You can simply type in the keywords related to your niche into a search engine followed by the word "blog" and you will be returned a list of blogs related to your niche. Start contributing useful information to these blogs by visiting regularly and posting comments and replying to them. Just make sure you do not spam these blogs ever! This will not only hurt your online reputation, but will also get you banned from these blogs for good.

Similar to blogs, forums are another great place to help get the word out about your new domain. Again, start searching online just as you would for blogs except replace the word "blog" in your search with "forum". Just as you post your comments on blogs, be sure to contribute useful, interesting information to the community and be sure never to spam!

By building these online relationships with readers of blogs and forums you will start to gain traction and recognition within those communities and your website will benefit from this in the form of repeat and increasing traffic!

So start implementing at least one or two of the above recommendations right now and you will be on your way to establishing your new domain name online.
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