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Top 7 iPhone Apps for Artists

Here are seven iPhone apps aspiring artists should probably download. Most of them can be used on your iPad too. There is an app for if you like to practice drawing, one to expose you to the world of color, as well as others that will help you to hone your skills as an artist, and help you appreciate for fully the art of others through your own artistic expression. The apps are in no particular order, because they all have a slightly different function that allows them to stand apart.

1 - SketchBook Mobile

This app describes itself as a professional-grade drawing and painting app, however its tiny price tag of just 99c may beg to differ. It is nevertheless a popular app that has 65 preset brushes, customizable brush settings and synthetic pressure sensitivity. You are able to zoom in with a factor of 2500 percent, you are given a large canvas size, and it will allow you to work on a full screen workspace. It is a good app for sketching whilst out and about.
Price: 99 cents

2 - Color Uncovered

This app is more of an educational app that every and all artists should own. It teaches the artist about color and how it works and interacts with other colors. The content of the app is very informative about a subject that one may imagine would be very dull. The app is like an interactive book. It was created by the San Francisco's Exploratorium. It is full of informative features, optical illusions, experiments, articles and videos. It all comes together to teach you about color and why it appears to act the way that it does.

Claude Monet could apparently see the Ultraviolet light spectrum in the same way that a honeybee can. But the app does not stop at simple general knowledge. It goes into detail about a number of subjects, including how the iPad creates its colors.
Price: Free

3 - Brushes 3

This is an app for those who like to be creative through paint. The app has a simple interface that allows full screen painting just like painting on a canvas. You can choose from different brush sizes and it has unlimited undo/redo. The brush settings are adjustable, as is the color opacity. You can also record yourself as you paint so that you can see a video of your efforts.
Price: Free

4 - Artists Grid Tool

The grid method for painting and drawing is well established. This app allows you to create the same feelings of perspective and space with your artwork on your phone. The grid is only an overlay that you can remove when you are finished. It also has differences in grid color, size and transparency.
Price: 99 cents

5 - Tracing Paper

This app allows you to hone your drawing skills on your iPhone. You can create practice sketches of what you want to draw, and then as you get the bits and pieces correct you can apply them to a finished drawing. You can refine your sketching skills in order to create better final drawings. 
Price: $2.99

6 - TypeDrawing

You can create very unique typographic artwork by simply typing in a sentence and then drawing with your finger to create the artwork. You can type in any language and add symbols and fonts too. The interface is very easy to use and the app does most of the work for you.
Price: $1.99

7 - Colored Pencils

This is an app for people who like to create with colored pencils. They allow you to draw in various colors and then shade the colors to suit your creation. You can apply different tools such as rearrange, merge, shade and blend. You can use up to eight layers and you can undo/redo up to fifty steps backwards and forwards again. You may also share your creations online via social media using this app.
Price: $3.99

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