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Top 5 Cloud Hosted Apps for iPhone

The emergence of cloud storage technology has revolutionized mobile phone industry
through introduction of more advanced cloud hosted apps for iPhone. This has been triggered
by the increasing demand for cloud storage service by quite a number of people. If you have
important documents, files, music or even confidential files you wouldn't like to lose while
you are out and about, iPhone cloud hosted apps gives you an opportunity to store them in a
remote place you can retrieve.

Unfortunately, quite a number of iPhone users are not aware of some existing cloud hosted
apps for their phones. Below is a list of top 5 cloud hosted apps for iPhone and their key
functional features.

1. Google Drive

This is cloud based app for iPhone was first introduced into the market last year and many
people are still wondering if it is prudent enough to make a switch to it. However, if you
are an avid visitor to Google, you will realize that this app has the ability to automatically
integrate with other Google tools like Docs, Gmail and Google+. It also offers its users 5GB
free storage space but you can also opt for the paid version which offers an increased space
of 25GB. This is a must-have app for every iPhone user as it also allows you to view and edit
your stored data and files in the cloud.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox has been considered as the father of a majority of iPhone cloud hosted apps because
of its intuitive design and simplicity. It is rapidly gaining popularity because it has offered
over one million iPhone users with the ability to store their files securely in the cloud. For
free users, it comes with a free storage of 2GB but can be expanded up to 18GB through
referral of new users or up to 32GB by paying for more storage. It is the best cloud based
iPhone app if you would like to frequently share your files.

3. Microsoft SkyDrive

This is the commonest cloud hosted app with the majority of people who would like to access
Microsoft office tools at any time. it is the only app which offers you with the platform
to create PowerPoint presentations, MS Word documents, OneNote notebooks and Excel
spread sheets using your iPhone directly in the cloud. It offers 7GB of free storage but you
can purchase more if you want. Also, it gives you an opportunity to share your files and take
advantage of the integrated Bing search tool.

4. Box

Box is the most attractive cloud hosted app that allots you with 5GB of free storage just like a
majority of its rivals. It is more embraced by enterprise companies as compared to individuals
who would like to store personal data. With Box for iPhone app, you can e-sign or annotate
your documents while in the cloud hence it is an excellent app for business users. It comes
with the best business tools like online workspaces, task manager and a built-in editing system.

5. Apple iCloud

This is the most suitable cloud hosted app for apple devices running on a recent iOS
operating system. It has similarities in terms of additional features with Google drive like
integration with Google tools. Unlike Google drive, it is also integrated with functions and
features of iOS that include an option to get store any non-iTunes music files.

Author Bio:

Biljana is a tech writer and a cloud computing marketing professional researching and
publishing useful information about the cloud storage usage in Australia and worldwide.

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