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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Consumers in Kenya order more iPhones than Apple can provide

Apple is gaining popularity in Kenya faster than the company expected. According to reports, the company is unable to keep up with the current consumer demand for the iPhone devices. Judging by the figures from resellers as well mobile operators, the demand for the newest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is more than they can provide and probably spilling over.

According to the reports, about 1000 units were ordered but only 700 arrived, which accounts to only 70 percent of the order.

Michelle Abuya, who is the Business Development Manager at Salute iWorld: said “Authorised Apple resellers only got 7 percent of what the country ordered.”

We hope Apple will wake up to this and start putting Kenya as other first priority countries.

Apple drops the “FREE” button from App Store apps and games

Apple has dropped the “free” button thing from the apps and games in the App Store. Effective immediately, the “FREE” button on the apps and games that don’t require payment will get a “GET” replacement.

The new move is meant to acknowledge the in-app purchases that many of the free apps and games often contain. The new button applies to the content that is completely free as well.

The company is the latest industry heavyweight to react to criticism to the free-to-play business model with in-app purchases, especially by regulators within the European Union. Many critics have said that the aforementioned content delivery method often forces players into spending money in order to enjoy proper app or game experience.

The free-to-play business model is the current standard on both Android and iOS. The new setup is responsible for 92% of all revenue on iOS and 98% of the same on Android. Surprisingly  most of the revenue comes from high spending buyers, whose money essentially provides for the experience of those who are not willing to part with any money.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Next iPhone Will have a two-lens camera system

The next iPhone camera is expected to be like a mini pro camera. According to John Gruber, the manufacturer is working on a dual lens camera system for the rear camera of the next iPhone, which he heard "from a birdie of a birdie".

"The specific thing I heard is that next years camera might be the biggest camera jump ever. I don’t even know what sense this makes, but I’ve heard that it’s some kind of weird two-lens system where the back camera uses two lenses and it somehow takes it up into DSLR quality imagery." - John Gruber

This duo camera system sounds remarkably similar to HTC's two Camera phone, which uses a secondary depth sensor to produce DSLR-like shallow depth of field, although artificially in a software. This new technology could possibly be what Gruber meant by "DSLR quality imagery", since the shallow depth of field is one of those things DSLRs do well with their big lenses and sensors that you just can't get naturally on mobile phones.

Since the  iPhone 6 was just released, we'll have to wait another year at least to see if this rumors comes true, although John has a track record of being right more often than wrong.

Xiaomi unveils unofficial AOSP Lollipop build for Mi 2/2S

Chinese Electronic companyXiaomi has just released an AOSP build of Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Xiaomi Mi 2/2S. The new design doesn't have all the features of MIUI and is completely stock Android.

The ROM does not have any major issues but there are some minor bugs, which might hamper normal usage. Also, being an unofficial ROM of the device, you will have to flash it manually and it won't be pushed as an OTA.

It's still unknown if Xiaomi will release an official Lollipop build with MIUI for this device later but if you want to give this a try then head over to the source link.

Monday, November 10, 2014

4G LTE Broadband Set to Launch in Rwanda

image: itnewsafrica

The government of Rwanda and KT Corporation are set to launch a 4G LTE broadband network by second week of November this year.

The network which is set to cover about 95 per cent of the population by 2017 will boost job creation in Rwanda and provide new opportunities to deliver better services across the country.

The 4G launch is going to coincide with the upcoming GLOCAL innovation convention which is set to take place on 11th - 13th November 2014. The GLOCAL innovation convention is an African business and innovation Startup convention that is meant to support local content development and upcoming Startups.

Speaking to the press, Minister Nsengimana said “The rapid deployment of high-speed broadband network in Rwanda will accelerate the Rwanda’s economic growth, create jobs, as well as help facilitate social and economic progress,”

Rwanda aims at becoming the leader in both mobile and internet penetration in Africa by 2020.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Apple iOS devices Hit by New Malware in China

A huge number of Apple iOS devices in China have been hit by a new malware known as WireLurker. The new malware  affects mobile devices through repackaged applications for Mac OS X.
The malware basically infects devices which have been used to doanload softwares from the local OS X marketplace known as Maiyadi App Store. There are over 450 OS X apps infected by the malware and they have already been download over 350,000 times, which makes it even harder to control.

The malware enters devices connected through USB on the OS X machines. Once it infects, it will regularly request updates and steals information which it updates to the attackers servers

The researchers who discovered the malware recommend that users don’t install Mac software from any third-party stores. They are also suppost to Set their Mac app restrictions to prevent installation of unknown third-party software is also essential.

Users should also avoid connecting their iOS devices with untrusted accessories or computers. Jailbreaking the  iOS devices should also be avoided.

Oppo U3 Shows up in benchmark, has specs revealed

Oppo recently launched both the N3 and the R5 devices, but it looks like they have another device to out before the end of this year.

The Oppo U3 which is not yet heard of, got itself benchmarked using GFXBench, and as usual that means we can take a look at some of its most important specs.

The phone will apparently come in a 4.6-inch 1080p multi touch screen, and 12 MP rear camera with 4K (UHD) video recording feature, a 5 MP front camera with 1080p video capture, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and GPS. It will run on the new Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

The device will be powered by a MediaTek MT6752 SoC with a 1.7 GHz octa-core processor, and an ARM Mali-T760 GPU, aided by 2GB of RAM. The only downside is that the device comes with a 1.1GB as the built-in storage, which is very low given the handset's other specifications. GFXBench normally lists the available space, and not the total storage of the device.

We will tell you when things unfold.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pay for Zuku Subscription Via Mpesa, Airtel Money or Pesapal

To Pay For Zuku subscription:



Zuku Satellite TV and Zuku Fiber.

Go to M-PESA on your phone
Select Pay Bill option
Enter Business no. 320320
Enter zukuXXX in account code where XXX is your zuku account number e.g. zuku122
Enter the Amount
Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send
You will receive a confirmation via SMS
Payment reflects on Zuku within two hours

Zuku Airtime

Go to M-PESA on your phone
Select Pay Bill option
Enter Business no. 320321
Enter XXXXX in account code where XXXXX is your zuku account number
Enter the Amount
Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send
You will receive a confirmation via SMS
Payment reflects on Zuku within two hours

Zuku Fiber (Triple Play)

Go to M-PESA on your phone
Select Pay Bill option
Enter Business no. 220220
Enter XXXXX in account code where XXXXX is your zuku account number
Enter the Amount
Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send
You will receive a confirmation via SMS
Payment reflects on Zuku within two hours


Zuku Fiber (Triple Play)

    Go to Airtel -> airtel money option on your phone
    Select make payments option
    Select pay bill option
    Select OTHER
    Enter business name ZUKUCATV
    Enter Amount
    Enter your PIN
    For Reference enter XXXXX where XXXXX is your zuku account number
    You will receive a confirmation SMS and email from Zuku.
    Payment reflects on Zuku within two hours

Zuku Airtime

    Go to Airtel -> airtel money option on your phone
    Select make payments option
    Select pay bill option
    Select OTHER
    Enter business name ZUKUVOICE
    Enter Amount
    Enter your PIN
    For Reference enter XXXXX where XXXXX is your zuku account number
    You will receive a confirmation SMS and email from Zuku.
    Payment reflects on Zuku within two hours

Satellite TV

    Go to Airtel ->airtel money option on your phone
    Select make payments option
    Select pay bill option
    Select OTHER
    Enter business name ZUKUSAT
    Enter Amount
    Enter your PIN
    For reference enter XXXXX where XXXXX is your Zuku account number
    You will receive a confirmation SMS and email from Zuku.
    Payment reflects on Zuku within two hours

ATM Payment Instructions

Screen 1: Insert and remove payment card, then select your preferred language.
Screen 2: Enter your PIN.
Screen 3: Choose the "Purchase/Payment" option.
Screen 4: Choose "Make a Payment".
Screen 5: Choose "Pay a Bill".
Screen 6: Put in the code for the Zuku Bill you want to pay.
Screen 7: Enter your Zuku Client Code as listed on your Zuku bill.
Screen 8: Enter your preferred phone number.
Screen 9: Select the product you wish to pay for.
Screen 10: Enter the amount you want to pay. Please note that you must have sufficient funds in your account to facilitate this payment.
Screen 11: Verify that the details are correct and confirm payment.
Screen 12: Process is complete; please ensure that you take your receipt as it contains important information about your payment. Keep it safe. 

Settle your bill and buy zuku airtime in the following locations:

  • ·  Gateway Business Park Block E on Mombasa Road, Nairobi. 
  • ·  Nakumatt Junction 1st floor 
  • ·  Diamond Plaza Parklands ground floor next to Farrah Fabrics 
  • ·  1st floor Pension House (former Loita House) in CBD, Nairobi. 
  • ·  Biashara Bank Building on Moi Avenue, Mombasa. 
  • ·  Zuku Office at Nakumatt Cinemax Plaza, Mombasa. 
  • ·  Zuku Office at Lwale Place Ground Floor, Nyeri. 
  • ·  Zuku Office at Trade World Centre, Nakuru. 

Google and LG announce global patent license agreement


Google inc and LG have announced a global patent agreement. The new cross-licensing deal which kicks in immediately is a long-term one and will cover a broad range of products and technologies.

The agreement will mostly cover the tech giant’s already existing patents, and those that will be filed in the next ten years. The specific terms of this partnership have not been disclosed yet but the two companies seem to be excited about the deal.

Naturally, both LG and Google are pleased with the outcome. By getting the possible patent litigation out of the way, both giants will be able to fully focus on product development.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Here are the shortlisted entries for AfricaCom Awards 2014

The 2014 AfricaCom Awards are set to take place on the 12th November. The event will take place at the the Waterfront Lookout in Cape Town and will celebrate and acknowledge leaders in digital  ICT, technology, Telecommunications and Media across the African continent.

Over the years, the event has consistently grown and this year it has attracted over 161 entries. Speaking about this year’s event, Adam Thompson, the Research Manager, Information Telecoms & Media said that: “The overall quality of the entries this year surpassed expectation. The innovation taking place in the digital ecosystem across the entire continent is heartening and also world class. Many are leaders in their fields and pioneers of new technology and services answering the needs of emerging markets that more traditional markets can and should take note of:

Here is the List:

Best App for Africa
- Orange – Libon
- Orange – Orange Self-care Application: My Orange
- Kirusa – InstaVoice
- Bharti – Airtel App
- Spice – Mziiki
Best Connectivity Solutions for Africa
- Orange – My Social WiFi
- Liquid Telecom -100Mbps FTTH Service
- Breeze Micro and World Telecom Labs – New Inter-city VoIP Routes in     Nigeria from Breeze Micro and World Telecom Labs
- WIOCC - Connecting Somalia – closing the final link
- Sky Vision – SkyVision Hybrid Satellite and Terrestrial network solutions
Best Cost Efficiency Solutions for Africa
- TKM Maestro – TKM Cost Efficiency Solution
- Nomanini – Nomanini payments platform
- Digital Route- Mediation Zone
- Afrigis –  Voting Station Monitor USSD Solution
- Huawei – Africa’s 1st SDN Innovation
- Opera Software – Opera Web Pass
- Fairwaves – Mobile network which you can build yourself
Best Device for Africa
- Solarway – Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charging Station
- Solarway – Solar Kiosk
- Equatel – Equatel SIM Payphone
- Nomanini – Nomanini payments platform
- Bharti Airtel – Airtel Red
Best Marketing Campaign
- MTN – MTN Corporate Campaign
- OgilvyOne Africa /Airtel Zambia – Go For It : Be Whatever, Do Whatever
- Orange – Emergency Credit Campaign
- Orange – Orange Football Club Campaign
- Huawei – MTN’s Mandela Birthday‘ 67 Minutes
- Onlime – Marketing Campaign – Rebrand
- Millicom Tanzania TIGO – Free Facebook in Swahili
- Bharti Airtel – Mr Money Campaign
Best Mobile Money Solution
- Orange –  Mobile Travel Tickets
- Orange – Mobile Pensions
- eTranzact – PocketMoni Mobile Money Service
- Bharti Airtel – Airtel Money
- Mahindra Comviva – Mahindra Comviva mobiquity Connect
Best Network Improvement
- Ericsson  - Unitel Angola, Smile Nigeria, TiGO Senegal
- ​World Telecoms  Lab –  Nigeria’s new interconnect exchange carriers and World Telecom Labs’ 2nd Generation VoIP Switches
- ​​WIOCC – Extending WIOCC’s Pan-African Network into Somalia
- Tigo Rwanda – Tigo Voice and Data Mobile Services
- Bharti Airtel – Nigeria Data Service Improvement
- Liquid Telecom – Upgrading and improving the fibre network of Liquid Telecom Kenya
Best Pan African Initiative
- PCCW Global –  High-Quality Calling with Direct Routing in Africa
- ​Orange – Pan-African Partnering Play Store
- Liquid Telecom – East Africa Fibre Ring
- Airtel Africa and IBM – Business Intelligence Solution (based on Cognos, DB2, Websphere, AIX and IBM Blade Center)
Breakthrough LTE Development
- PCCW Global – Global LTE Roaming for African Mobile Subscribers
- Ericsson – LTE Market Impact
- Ericsson – Breakthrough LTE Development – Unitel
- Orange – LTE for fix
- Huawei – Innovative LTE Rollout
- Smile Communications – SmileON and Data Management
- Telkom – LTE
- ​Surfline – Deployment of 4G LTE network in Ghana
Changing Lives Awards
- Afrigis – Gender-Based Violence Command Centre (GBVCC)
- ​Orange Digital School Project
- WIOCC – Closing the final link – connecting Somalia
- afb Mauritius Ltd – Mobile Consume and Businesses Unsecured Credit
- TXT Ghana – JOB 1917
- Bharti Airtel – Ebola Initiative
- Sky Vision – Ghana Crossover Academy
- Telekom – TNM Moyo Cover
Excellence in Customer Experience Management
- Procera – RAN Perspectives
- OgilvyOne Africa /Airtel Ghana – Uncle MB | Sorting data drama
- ​SafariCom – Customer Care support for M-PESA product – the leading mobile money transfer service in the world
- Orange – ’100% Successful Calls’ Suites of services
- Bharti Airtel – Airtel Premier
Most Innovative Service
- Huawei – Huawei’s Digital Music Service for MTN
- Millicom Tanzania TIGO – Tigo Pesa – International Mobile Money Transfer
- Econet Renewable Energy Systems – Titan – Home Power Station
- ​Opera Software – Opera Web Pass
- Orange – Facebook Partnerships
- Kifiya Financial Technologies – Digital Finance and Payment Service
VSAT Innovation for Africa
- Afrique Telecom – Full VNO OSS/BSS for VSAT Industry and Customers
- Liquid Telecom – Shared MPLS Satellite service
- EMC – Fully managed VSAT services
- Sky Vision – Sky Vision Active Series