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How To Recover Deleted Files in Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best online file storage site, it has features that allow you not only to upload and store your files but also to back them up in case you loose them. The best thing about his feature is that you dont have to do it manually, as long as you have a dropbox application installed on your computer and have an active internet connection, all you have to do is drag and rop your files onto the dropbox folder and they are automatically uploaded, backed up and synced.

But sometimes you might accidentally delete your files and they will disappear from your drop box folder. If this happens don't panic there is a way you can get it back just the way it was. here  is how to do it.

Log into your dropbox account and you will see a small icon on the upper left side of your screen, it is a "show deleted files" button, just click it and it will show a list of deleted files with a description alongside them "Deleted file/folder", these are mostly files which have been deleted in the past 30 days

Now click on the deleted files or folder which normally appear in a fainted grey color and it will take to a different screen with options.

Select which version you want to restore by clicking on the select button next to it then click "restore"

Note: The process of restoring deleted files might change when the website interface changes, we will keep you posted in case that happens keep reading techhapa
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