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How to Manage your Account Picture in OS X

Having your picture associated with your account helps you and others using your system identify who is currently logged on. OS X normally assigns your account a small thumbnail picture that appears in different places in the system, this includes the log-in window as well as other applications like mail.

When you set up your OS X account for the first time, the system will prompt you to add your picture but since most people willl skip this step, the system will randomly assign a default picture for you. But it is always good to personalize your account with your own photo or another photo apart from the default one assigned to you. here is how to do it.

Go to the system preference and click Users and Groups where you will see your current account listed and selected.

Manage your Account Picture in OS X

On the main tab you will see current picture which you can change by clicking on it and selecting to whatever photo you wish. see below

Manage your Account Picture in OS X
Another option is uploading your own picture. click on the current picture and select Edit picture, a small window will pop up with three options, select from recent pictures, take a snapshot or choose from the gallery by clicking on 'Choose' 

Manage your Account Picture in OS X

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