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Change default save location in office 2013

If you are used to previous versions of Microsoft office then you will notice some new and exciting changes in the new office 2013. One of the new features that are different from all the other previous versions of Microsoft office is the default saving location for documents.

According to Microsoft, the new office 2013 was meant to be a cloud-based product, meaning that all your documents by default will be saved in the cloud.

This is a great feature as it allows you to access your documents everywhere on the go without having to risk carrying them around. But sometimes you might need to save your files in your hard drive especially if they just temporal and you will delete them in a couple of hours.

Here is how to change the default save location to local hard drive;

Open any office 2013 program like word, excel or powerpoint. Got file then click options and select save setting. On the right hand side you will see a check box written ‘save to computer by default’ just check it then click OK and you are done.

The changes will take effect in all other office 2013 programs so you wont have to open all of them and do the same.

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