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How to use Custom Permalink in Blogger

Few weeks ago, Google introduced a feature in blogger that allow users to add custom links to their posts. Normally when your write a post, blogger automatically generates a permalink based on the title of the post. Having a custom permalink helps you to have more control of your post.

Benefits of custom permalinks

Your blog visibility depends so much on what you do to it, proper SEO is basically the life of your blog. With a custom permalink it is easier to have more control of what you are posting, here is an example

            if my post is about “ How to use custom permalink  in blogger” in normal
            automatic permalink it will be like this;

            in custom permalink settings you can put anything you wish. For example I
            can change it to something like “ changing blogger custom permalink”  or “
            blogger custom permalink”

Apart from giving you posting flexibility, it also provides your readers with more information about your post when scanning through search results here is an example.

Note: spaces are not allowed; instead use any of the characters a-z small or capital and 0-9 or just -

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