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5 Websites for Unique Facebook Cover Photos

Since Facebook came with new timeline features months ago, I would say that the most exciting part of it has been the cover photo, both for personal profiles and pages. When someone visits your page you can make them want to stay for a few minutes just looking at your cool timeline cover by spicing it up.

There are multiple ways you can create a truly awesome cover, but some would require special designing skills. Here are a few website you can use to create a unique and compelling cover photo without designing skills.

Cover junction

This is my fist pick, it’s a great tool that allows you to use your previously installed photos or just select one from a wide variety of photos that represents special events in people’s life. For example you can choose a Christmas theme or a birthday one to create a cover photo and use it to pass on a message to your friends.

Cover canvas

What makes this app stand out from the rest is the user friendly interface. You simply choose your background image and it will bring you automatically to the photo editing page where you can resize or type some texts with their cool fonts and click ‘done’ to post it to your timeline.

FaceIt pages

Apart from the Facebook cover photo, this app allows you to add over 20 applications to your business page. They also have some apps that track your page progress in terms of clicks and overall engagements on your page. It is ideal for pages.

Pic scatter

Picscatter is a great tool for creating collage like cover photos; they also have a mobile app with most of the same functionalities found on the desktop version. It is best for personal profiles.

Timeline cover banner

If you mind having some adverts showing on your timeline, then this is the app for you, Cover banner helps you to create your profile photo and gives you total freedom over it, it is also very simple to use and  installs in seconds.

Go ahead! and tell your thousand words' story with a single shot.

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