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Facebook to add the ‘Hate’ button

Whenever someone comes across something interesting on Facebook they normally add a comment or hit the like button, according S-Ireport, Facebook users generate about 2.7 Billion Likes and comments per day, that comes from about 845 monthly Active users.

 This doesn’t mean that everybody ‘likes’ what they see on Facebook, maybe they just don’t have another option.

Many times people just ignore when they don’t like something, and when they hate something they sometimes add a ‘Hate’ comment when they can.

According to Techcrunch, a Technology Website, Facebook is considering a ‘Hate’ or ‘Dislike’ button.

Facebook studies have shown that people generally hate things on the internet more than they like them, and Facebook expect to at least double the 2.7 Billion Likes and comments currently generated per day.

Other buttons that are under consideration are “Meh”, “Love” “Who Cares” but it’s not something to be excited about yet as there are fears that this could lead to a button explosion.

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