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How to easily fix your Windows Registry

Every time you use your PC, it records it in a particular place called the windows registry. This information is useful in configuring the system for different uses but sometimes can accumulate and cause problems to your operating system. The most common problem is that it might slow your computer especially when browsing and opening files.

The computer has to remember a lot of things, hardware attached, selected system options, applications around, installations etc. Each time you perform these tasks, it has to go through all of these entries. However, there may also be invalid, missing or double entries that can be caused by removing a hardware previously attached, deleting a file or program

A registry may have hundreds of thousands of entries since windows normally doesn’t remove the registry entries even when a program is uninstalled and trying to manually edit your registry can create errors in the registry that make it impossible to load Windows.

Although you cannot completely clean up the registry, the little you do to it will greatly increase the boot time and general performance of your computer.

Before you get down to work it's best to create a backup copy of the registry and to also save any important data to an external hard drive or disk. Some registry-cleaning programs have a feature to back up a copy of your system's registry. If not, a simple Internet search should lead you to a free backup program.

Getting to the registry part of your pc is very easy but the complex part is editing and fixing them, that is why the use of third party program is highly recommended by many experts.

There are thousands of registry cleaners on the internet that for about $15 or more, but I will recommend an easy and free program called Ccleaner that is perfect for a personal or home computer.

  1. Download or buy the program your choice, I would highly recommend Ccleaner-you can either get the free one which does a great job, or purchase the advance ones.
  2. Install it and close all the programs including those running on the system tray before running it.
  3. Scan the registry and click on “fix errors” it will give you an option to save before you clean.

Please follow the instructions carefully and watch for some warning before clicking on anything- messing up your registry might cause you operating system not to function or even crash.

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