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Logitech's Wireless Keyboard K750

When wireless keyboards were introduced, the news was received with great excitement only to be met with the challenge of battery replacements and charging  . The first time i used a wireless keyboard was last year when i got a Logitech MK520 from a friend, perfect for simple office work but not for gaming and serious typing, i just realized how poor it was when i fired the NFS pro street on my desktop for a couple of days and it started asking for more juice. The only advantage with all the wireless keyboards is that you are not restricted to a certain position that make it uncomfortable to work for long.

The new Logitech's K750 brings the keyboard power problems to an end. It comes with all the advantages that  wireless keyboards offer and more, the unique feature here is that it is solar powered and this means that there is no more battery hustles-

Talking of less power hustles, the keyboard also comes with a downloadable solar power app which features a lux meter that give information about battery level, ambient light and alerts you when you need more power.

Comfortability is also a key feature in this stylish keyboard, the keys are so responsive to touch, quiet  and feel just awesome.whats more is that the keys are customizable, with a simple app installed you can choose what you want the buttons to do for you.

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