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The iPhone Desktop Handset

Sometimes we actually forget that phones expose us to some radiation, after all no one speaks about it, it sounds a bit boring bringing up a conversation about radiation when others are just praising the cool features of  the iPad or the new android apps. Although there isn't a way to completely stay away from the risks, they can easily be minimized. For example using a headset is one way, although not fast enough when you don't have them on. You might also opt using the loud speaker option.
The desktop handset is a perfect choice if you are in the office, lounging at home or sleeping- when there ins't  a need to carry an iPhone. What's great about the desktop handset is that it supports the phone at an angle that allows you to surf while you talk on the handset.
Although the handset is ideal for an iPod, it can also work with other phones that have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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